Anti-Bullying Week 13 - 17 November 2017

13th November 2017

St Columb Minor ACE Academy had a anti bullying week 13 – 17 November which seems to have been a real success! The aims were:

  •          raising awareness
  •          discussing the issue about why bullying occurs
  •          advising pupils how to reduce bullying and deal with it if it happens to them

One of the highlights was the “show of blue” on the first morning of the Anti Bullying week (thank you for your support) The children joined together to create a spectacle that was photographed  by a drone from above and shared with the local newspaper, as well as a national UK Anti Bullying organisation. We sold all of the anti- bullying bands we had in school and children enjoyed and learnt about how bullying makes you feel and how to stop it – by talking!

The messages that “we are all different but equal” and “talking helps stop bullying” will continue to be fed into circle times, PHSE lessons and referred to by all staff whenever it is necessary. The focus for the week does not mean we forget the messages during the rest of the year.