Minor - Claws and Paws

1st July 2017

This summer, parents/carers and children alike enjoyed a performance of ‘Paws and Claws’ at St Columb Minor Academy. 35 children from the Musical Theatre group took to the stage to perform this very enjoyable show which was a resounding success.  It was a super musical which involved two animal gangs called `The Lions and the Wolves' who were competing for a feast at the back of the bakery. The story revolved around the fact that cats and dogs generally do not get on. However, in a surprise turn of events an old sheep dog falls for a Burmese cat. It was a musical with a fantastic mix of song, dance, drama and excellent learning experiences for the children on team work and respect for each other. We were particularly amazed at the confidence that the children exhibited in what was a high quality performance and with their fabulous singing. The parents and carers in the audience thought it was wonderful and all of the children involved had a great time performing it.