Charlestown see the Bloodhound

22nd October 2017

On Monday 30 October, Y5 children from Charlestown ACE Academy visited Newquay airport to see the testing of the Bloodhound SSC.  Throughout the day, they had the chance to get hands on with lots of science and engineering activities, meet various members of the team behind the car and see the car run at speeds of up to 185m.p.h.  Sadly, a technical fault meant we didn’t get to see the car reach the full 200m.p.h., but even at the slower speed, the children felt the power.  The ground shook and the noise was deafening.

The children (with over 3,000 others there), were delightful:  they were completely enthused by the science show we saw on arrival, as well as being able to take part in lots of different science, technology and engineering activities.  The highlight for most was having their memorabilia signed by the driver (and current land speed record holder) Andy Green. 

He—in turn—was amazed at how enthusiastic and knowledgeable our children are.  He also praised their attitudes and manners (as did the BBC and several members of the public).  A huge thank you to Mr Tooke for arranging this opportunity and to Mrs Hocking, Mrs Frazer and Mrs Grigg who all helped on the day.  We look forward to firing our own rocket cars in the spring term.