Primary School Improvement Package

About Our Primary Package

We work closely with the Kernow Teaching School Alliance (KTSA) to deliver top quality Primary School Improvement for our trust and the following Multi Academy Trusts:

The Learning Academy Trust, / Newquay Education Trust and Acorn Academy Trust. 

This is a learning partnership with a core focus on teaching & learning. We  work together to ensure that more children receive an outstanding education. Our positive outcomes are the result of a successful journey from pre school settings and Early Years through the five Key Stages.

Within the KTSA Teaching School we have:

 Ofsted Outstanding Schools

 Good  Schools with Outstanding Features

 National Leaders of Education

 Local Leaders of Education

 National Leaders of Governance

 Experienced Ofsted Inspectors

More details can be found at: Kernow Teaching School


The KTSA Primary School Improvement Offer

The KTSA aims to support governors, leadership teams and all staff on the journey of improvement. Schools purchasing our Primary School Improvement service can expect extensive activity and support. School Improvement Sessions for school leaders  are held once a month. We focus on a range of topics  relating to data, monitoring, lesson  observations, work scrutiny, pupil interviews, reading  sampling and governance, plus any areas raised by individuals. These are led by a wide range of professionals, and maybe you (!) by agreement. The audience for the School Improvement Sessions is Primary Heads/Principals and Deputies /Assistant Heads. Where appropriate subject leaders may attend.