Vision & Values

The Vision of ACE
Together we will develop and utilise all of our expertise in supporting each other. 
(Autonomy, Collaboration, Excellence)
We will:
  • Always focus first on the quality of teaching and learning to ensure that all pupils receive an outstanding education
  • Make learning exciting, engaging and fun!
  • Raise standards in all of our schools through our team of experienced school leaders and consultants
  • Ensure effective performance management systems are in place to support continuous improvement
  • Provide value for money
  • Develop our leadership, management and governance teams
  • Provide support for LABs to enable them to make a significant impact in raising standards

The Values of ACE

  • We believe that all pupils have the right to an outstanding education and should be positive about their life in school and in the community
  • We firmly believe in a collaborative approach to all of our work
  • We treat each school as an individual, but always have a shared approach to ensure the highest standards are maintained
  • We hold no political, cultural or religious affiliations, but promote a tolerant and informed view of the world
  • We believe that we must engage positively with parents to secure their support in raising attainment
  • We will provide quality support for all staff to ensure success

Atlantic Centre of Excellence – Autonomy, Collaboration, Excellence

ACE is determined to be the best multi academy trust in the South West – to deliver excellent education through local hubs of academies, utilising local knowledge and resources alongside the educational expertise, knowledge and understanding of the professional community charged with education delivery. In addition, a strong focus on employer engagement (including through our strategic partnership with Cornwall College) and sustainable communities adds further value with a focus on outcomes that do not simply cease when a child leaves our academies.

The growth of the Trust is based on consolidating the performance of existing academies: ensuring growth is measured, building local and regional strength and resilience over time. In addition, we develop LAB’s (Local Advisory Boards) comprising appropriately skilled and knowledgeable personnel to oversee and drive academy improvement in local hubs, adding capacity to the executive function.

To achieve this vision, we work with the DfE and the Regional Headteacher Board and to maintain our reputation we must show a continual rise in standards and pupils’ progress.

To achieve this, ACE have set the following Key Priorities:

  • To deliver a 5% trust wide year-on-year rise in KS2 outcomes from 2016
  • To deliver a trust wide year-on-year rise in the proportion of pupils working at greater depth at end of KS2 from 2016
  • For the proportion of pupils making expected and better than expected progress to exceed the national average in all of our academies.
  • To close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers
  • For all academies to be at least Good when evaluated by Ofsted (2015 Framework) and 30% to be judged Outstanding by 2018
  • For 90% of teaching to be judged Good or better by the end of 2016/2017 and no inadequate teaching to be found by the end of 2017/2018
  • For all academies to achieve an attendance rate which at least matches the national average.

We recognise that these intended outcomes are aspirational but we will not strive for anything less. To achieve this we must recruit, retain and develop the best professionals to work in our network and we must secure and enhance leadership, management and governance. Let us consider this as ‘securing the professional pipeline’.

To deliver the improvements we seek, academies must determine how best to operate; the model within which they do so we call our ‘Academy Improvement Framework’.  This framework recognises that those who deliver good and outstanding education to pupils, according to both Ofsted and ACE evidence, ought to be afforded the professional autonomy to lead their academies in a self-determined manner, delivering the outcomes required without prescription of the methodology to do so but within an agreed operating framework. In this way, good and outstanding leaders are not stifled and they will choose to stay in a developing and forward thinking Trust that values self-determination and effective leadership. Good and outstanding leaders will not accept or tolerate a heavily prescriptive top down approach because they have the skills, abilities and experience to determine the most effective and sometimes innovative routes for sustainable improvement. However, if academies fail to deliver an acceptable standard of education, i.e. they are deemed to require improvement, are subject to an Ofsted category or ACE can evidence ineffective academy operation, then certain programmes or prescriptions may be imposed through more formal intervention.

Autonomy, Collaboration, Excellence

Our main aims / priorities are:

  1. Achievement

Aim: The Trust outcomes for pupils in terms of the progress they are making from KS1 to 2 are significantly above national averages in all of the academies in the Trust.

  1. Performance Management / Accountability

Aim: Performance Management and development of our staff to be excellent Trust-wide, supported by clear paths of accountability from Trust Board to team members in our academies.

  1. Governance

Aim: That the clear, delegated, framework for governance at Trust Board and local governing body level enables the Board and the LGBs to effectively and appropriately fulfil their responsibilities

  1. School Improvement processes

Aim: The majority of our schools have been improved to the point at which those that were once weak now have capacity and strength to support new schools joining the MAT or schools beyond the Trust. Our schools can peer review with confidence other schools in the Trust. Our MAT leaders can articulate their school improvement repertoire


These aims are reflected within ALL of the individual academy plans. The Trust priorities are being delivered by each academy. The delivery and quality assurance (QA) of this plan and each academy plan is the responsibility of the ACE directors and the Local Advisory Board members.